Lingering aperitifs on the terrace, shorts and dresses, sunscreen in your bag and temperatures going up, up, up… Yes, there’s no mistaking it, summer is here in Belgium. And Le Pain Quotidien is delighted with this opportunity to offer you a menu full of sun-drenched flavours.  

You have been waiting for them and the latest seasonal suggestions are now available in your local Le Pain Quotidien.

New suggestions for summer

Chia Flowerola & Raspberries

Are you looking for a breakfast that’s both delicious and healthy? Try our new Chia Flowerola & Raspberry Bowl! Flowerola? Do a Google search for this mystery ingredient … even the most powerful search engine will not find it! Flowerola is a unique combination of flowers, beetroot and organic cereals and adds a real visual boost to your breakfast.

Try it – you’ll discover the lovely soft crunch of the organic rice flakes complemented by the velvety texture of organic puffed rice.

In short, a really healthy breakfast redolent with the scents of summer! The sunny notes of this new suggestion come from the coconut and almond yoghurt, chia seeds and raspberries.

And if you are looking for a 100% vegan breakfast, you’ve found your new champion breakfast!

Heritage Tomato & Avocado Tartine

Do you dream of a snack lunch or an early evening gourmet supper that’s balanced and vegetarian? No need to look any further; you can plan your next rendezvous in one of our Le Pain Quotidien restaurants and order our latest seasonal tartine: the Tartine d’Antan! And not just any tartine – a vegetarian tartine full of colour and vitamins, creative and tasty, no meat, but lots of flavours. That’ll be a big yes!

Top up on flavours and vitamins thanks to the varieties of heritage tomatoes, hummus, avocado and super-grains included in this veggie tartine.

Ancient Grains Bowl

And how about a bowl-shaped view of the world? The concept: a complete and healthy meal that fits in a bowl. These bowls contain wonderful combinations of colours and flavours, which, besides being a feast for the eyes, are a real concentrate of vitamins – ideal for summer!

Our new Ancient Grains Bowl will delight the palates of vegetarians, vegans and anyone looking for a healthy, gourmet lunch! The ingredients? Summer vegetables, artichoke tapenade and a maximum boost with ancient grains and quinoa.

Traditional Gazpacho

Nothing is better in the heat than gazpacho! Either savoury or sweet, gazpacho is refreshing and full of flavour to delight our taste buds with summer.

For our new menu, we’re offering the cold version made with grilled vegetables accompanied with herbaceous ricotta and croutons!

From the very first mouthful you will be transported to the south of Spain!

New 100% organic drinks

Acai Berry & Basil Hydrolate

Le Pain Quotidien has joined forces with the start-up Simone à Soif to offer you an exclusive hydrolate! This 100% natural drink is made from plant distillates (called hydrolates) mixed with freshly squeezed fruits or vegetables and water.

The start-up created this recipe exclusively for Le Pain Quotidien with surprising flavours and blends: Acai Berry and Basil!

Elderflower & Hibiscus Kombucha

Kombucha? This is a drink made of fermented tea and it has a thousand and one healthy properties!

This version that has been created exclusively for Le Pain Quotidien by Lokki will having you coming back for more and more thanks to its delicious flavour: Hibiscus and Elderflower!

Elderflower, a miraculous ingredient that takes us back in time has a great many anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, anti-rheumatic, antiviral and diuretic properties.

The hibiscus is produced by a Fairtrade cooperative in Burkina Faso and is also widely acknowledged for its refreshing and healthy properties.

Seasonal Detox Juice

Need to recharge your batteries, or feel like boosting your body with lots of fruit and vegetables for an immediate and lasting uplift? Try our new DETOX Juice in amazing combinations. A tropical and refreshing version with cucumber, mint, ginger and organic pineapple. Cheers!

Old Bread Ginette Beer

Enjoy a new Ginette specially created for Le Pain Quotidien! A new recipe that will surprise you with its mystery ingredient: our old organic bread! It is collected from the Bread Workshop and transformed into a light blonde artisan beer, produced using the double fermentation method over a period of six weeks, in accordance with the circular economy principle.

This new Ginette, co-branded with Le Pain Quotidien, is called “Old Bread” and comes in half-litre bottles, making it ideal for sharing while chatting with family, friends and lovers.

In short, an artisan beer that’s a real treat when the weather turns a bit chilly but that refreshes you when it’s scorching hot because in Belgium, we don’t do things by half measures!